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The Ranieri brand was born in Soverato Italy by the end of the '60s when the eldest of the Ranieri brothers Pietro , starting from family business in marine motor and speed boat-sales and maintainance transforms with his brothers a passion into talent with the creation of authentic floating masterpieces .
The family business was later developed at the end of 1970s into Motonautica Ranieri Bro.s ,which was the first branch of the Ranieri group.

Today this same group concentrates primary resources in the production and marketing of sport and recreeation boats in fiberglass. The generational shift has developed in making of Pietro the eldest of the Ranieri brothers along with his two sons Salvatore and Antonio as the descendants and new players of the Motonautica Ranieri Bro.s. The father and sons currently create ,design all boats and curate marketing distribution and administration , along with a highly expertised personnel.
In the business , the founder Mr. Pietro Ranieri attends and follows personally and scrupulously each and every single phase of the productive process and , thanks to Mr Ranieri senior the Motonautica F.lli Ranieri company has made itself well-known on the market as leader in creating high-quality and avantgarde technology crafts.
The company's foundation is based on the family itself , which ultimately results in the reason of so much attention and meticulous care in details. The blending of technological philosophies and the expertise that can be developed only by an entire life spent and dedicated to the factory shipyard , has brought today to the creation of a masterpiece that , along with speed and manageabilityhas reached superb levels of reliability , structural ruggedness and ,above all , comfort.

The Motonautica F.lli Ranieri company selects the finest materials on the market worldwide thanks toa purchase center controlled and organized by Mr. Pietro Ranieri in person. The selection of materials and test-studies on all materials utilized in the productive cycle is executed in order to garantee to the market a product of excellent qualities and characteristics. The key to such success lies ultimately in the cohesiveness of a tenacious family group allied in an enterpreneurship operating in total harmony in creating boats that are a dream come true for all purchasing a boat marked by the brand . Future plans involve the decision to launch a new strategic plan that will engage the Ranieri in the field of inflatables, a field that, despite being completely new , expresses the desire to reinterprate a genre which is a passion for boating in all European countries. In fact, the company has decided to make use of its experience and know-how to expand its comprehensive range of models, addressing a challenge that the company 's staff is more than confidant to be able to play in a winning way.

Furthermore the company has set yet another goal for expanding into new markets by participating in March 2014 at the International Exhibition in Dubai, which has become the reference point for boating in the Middle East, being as matter of fact the only company labeled "Made in Italy" in the beautiful setting of the Dubai Marina with its spectacular skyscraper-surroundings .Even in Europe, continuing theconsolidation of the brand Ranieri already a main protagonist in the Genoa International Boat Show, as well as shows in Greece, Germany, Spain, Malta, England, Holland, Croatia, Turkey, Hungary, France and many more. Today Ranieri is a main landmark of Italian excellence.

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