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Fully - Developed Cockpit System by Ranieri International
The Fully - Developed Cockpit System is an "advanced deck system" engineered and introduced by Ranieri International in their production line back in 2001; it is now being used on the Cayman inflatable boats - launched and patented in 2014. This new system was designed to optimize production processes by creating a monocoque construction - a type of construction in which the outer skin carries all or a major part of the stresses. All the major components such as deck, cabins, fuel and water tank bed, and storage lockers have been grouped in a single mold.

There are many advantages by layering all the components of the deck together:
• they remain firmly joint to each other;
• it eliminates the use of glues for assembly;
• it eliminates noises and vibrations caused by the assembly of individual parts;
• it makes the whole structure stronger, lighter, and more flexible.

In addition to that, this "advanced deck system" allows you to get a product that has already been "finished" once removed from the mold: therefore it eliminates the need for subsequent bodywork and it significantly reduces production times.
However, the construction of the monocoque requires a careful and detailed design phase; every element, detail, and space, must be carefully engineered and prepared.
The Fully - Developed Cockpit System is a design-forward system that allows a perfect optimization of all the livable spaces - exterior and interior -, and allows a correct location of the technical spaces. This system allows also to optimize the usable space to the maximum and it guarantees a perfect weight balance.

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