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Cockpit Shock Absorber by Ranieri International

Comfortable navigation depends on many factors such as weather conditions, technical specs of the boat, design of the water lines, trim setting, weight balance, a correct study of hydrodynamic flows, the use of the best materials and quality control.

Ranieri International has developed materials and technologies for the purpose of making the navigation as comfortable and safe as possible in all sea conditions; in addition to that, the yard has conducted a thorough study of the water lines that have led to the development of the HIS (Hull Innovative System).
As a consequence of these technological innovations, Ranieri International has designed the C.S.A. (Cockpit Shock Absorber), a unique Hull and Deck assembly technique that creates real silent-blocks between the components.

This C.S.A. ensures a strong bond between hull and deck and at the same time grants flexibility and elasticity to the structure to better react to the swell and to offer more comfort during navigation.
The C.S.A. has been studied and designed to absorb most of the vibrations that arise with the navigation; furthermore, it reduces the resonance effect by absorbing most of the noise that it derives from vibrations (hull and deck).

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